Sunday, April 23, 2006

Reprinted from the CWCA newsletter- A Call to Action!

As a member of CWCA I wanted to create a website that I would like to use: simple to navigate and consistent in design. I am still working on streamlining the navigation and creating a dynamic member area. The three areas where I need member participation in are: the gallery, studio visits/interviews and the new CWCA blog.

The greatest asset of the blog is the ability for a non-computer geek to self-publish to the web. This direct communication with fellow members has the potential to create a valuable artistic dialogue. What we gain by sharing our practical experiences, working methods and ideas is a network of individuals to support, encourage and work with us. Many times we might have an idea and then think, "Well, I can't do that..." or maybe there is a show that you keep meaning to see- what a network of artist friends and supporters will do is allow us to expand our own creative energy, by becoming accountable to ourselves and make time for what is really important; our art. Also, some of us may be interested in a larger project. For example, creating a proposal for a show through the Department of Cultural Affairs, utilizing space on mass-transit (backs of buses like they did in California).

Basically, I see the blog as a way for each individual member to be more actively involved in the whole.

The Member Gallery: If any one wants to be in the on-line gallery please send me 1 image, a brief bio or other information (one paragraph) which can be edited as necessary and any contact information you wish to provide(links, e-mail, studio address(?)). If you do not have a web site of your own I would be happy to create an expanded page for you with 1 - 3 images. Image requirements: 72 dpi .jpeg, roughly 5 x 7 in or 300 x 500 dpi (a little bigger is okay). If you don't know what any of that means, you can e-mail me at and I will talk you through it.

Studio Visits: It would be great to see the inside of the artist's process through an open studio visit. Share your ideas, network, make it a celebration of your hard work. You are an expert in your field! Studio visits could also be accompanied by an interview with the artist in the newsletter and on the CWCA website.

Emily Rapport

web designer