Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Empirical Eternity | new paintings by Renee McGinnis

Packer Schopf Gallery

Exhibition Dates: November 30 to January 5
Artist’s Reception: Friday, November 30th 6 – 9 PM

This event is free and open to the public.

Renee McGinnis’ Empirical Eternity presents the ominous and its positive aftermath, the overgrown. Impending disasters, painted with a luscious hand, confound the viewer. What is made in that factory and what event led to this huge billowing cloud of smoke? Why do these power plants look like they are about to burst into flame? And who set the wheels in motion for all of this to happen? These are the questions McGinnis sets in motion with these allegorical paintings. They serve as beautiful warnings to us all, speaking visually about humanity, triumph, and tragedy and how these conditions co-exist.

The Palace Floor series takes this ominous tone and turns it on its head. She shifts to the future long after a cataclysm has occurred. Organic topiaries now surround obsolete man made monoliths. A lush hyper-green landscape, with cracks like mud cracks in a drought, is painted like a seductive mosaic floor. This is the antidote for the disasters, covering these segments of earth in all manner of lush vegetation, growth and hope. Once useful and glorified temples of progress, they now seem to haunt us with their mysteriously manicured grounds.

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