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June 16, 10 - 3pm Acrylic Gels and Grounds: From the basic to the unusual  Sandie Bacon, Golden Rep
Discover new textures and techniques like glazing and sgraffitto using a variety of different grounds that accept acrylics for beautiful watercolor effects: light molding paste, absorbent ground and coarse pumice gel. And Unusual grounds for drawing to create textural backgrounds: coarse alumina, micaceous and iron oxide gritty.
Bring 2 medium size canvases, acrylic brushes and a palette knife. 
 $75 & $10 material fee

June 16, 10-4 (one hour lunch break) Learn to Smash, Break, Nip and Tape MOSAIC, Eileen Diamond
This 5 hour introductory class will introduce beginners to the basics of mosaic making: the astonishing variety of materials and adhesives, design and composition, the cutting and laying out of tile, and the grouting process. Supplies such as glass tile, ceramic tile, sheet glass, and china are available for students to explore and incorporate in their work But bring  your own as well (broken pottery, dishes, etc.), and all the necessary tools, adhesives, and materials are provided. No prior art experience is necessary, just an openness to numerous possibilities mosaics afford.
Bring a bag lunch                                                                                         

July 7, 10-4 Collage Workshop, Sandie Blanc
2 dimensional paper collage class using both ready made and self-prepared papers. Techniques Explored for designing your own papers: pulled paint papers, crinkled papers, stencils/rubbings and photo copy transfers. The morning will be spent making papers and the afternoon in making collages from these various papers.
Bring papers to share such as: clothing patterns, used tea bag papers, maps, old music, newspapers, tickets and any other interesting pieces. Three or more small color and/or black and white laser photo copies of a subject of interest will be necessary for the photo copy transfers. Complete Supply list provided when you register.      

July 14, 10 - 3pm Paint Skins: for Mixed Media Artists, Sandie Bacon 
Discover the range of acrylic gels and mediums used to create paint "skins" (making handmade papers with acrylic paints). These skins can stand on their own as "canvases" or used in a variety of collage applications or printed with images from your ink jet printer. Premade skins will be provided to draw on, cut, collage , embed and we will also make some sample skins of our own. Creating digital mixed media will be included as part of the process. Sample a range of Golden acrylics- translucent, gritty, tactile. . Bring several small canvases or paint boards, acrylic brushes and palette knives.               
$75. Plus $10 material fee                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

July 21, 22, 10 - 3pm Watercolor Workshop, Beth Shadur           
Direct method, indirect method and wet into wet. Emphasis on using the transparency of watercolor for its singing colors. Learn how to save whites and create texture. The second day, the use of mixed media with watercolor, as well as the use ofalternative papers. Please bring in any favorite techniques to share, aswell as visual material to inspire your creative imagery. Call for supply list                                                                         $175

July 28 1-4pm     The Art of Charcoal Part 1, David Gista
Charcoal is a very ancient practice that was the base of academic drawing but also essential in modern and contemporary practices. Discover this medium. It offers numerous possibilities and is very forgiving. You will learn basic uses of charcoal through a series of exercises and learn to master shapes and values. Your comprehension of the drawing/painting process and skills will improve. This workshop will improve your abilities in your personal practice: as Matisse would say, "I paint to improve my drawing, I draw to improve my painting." Supplies provided                            
$75 plus $10 Material fee
Part 1 and part 2: $125.00+ $20 supply fee (if registered at the same time)
August 4, 1 - 4pm     Learning from the old master, Van Eyck Techniques, David Gista
Van Eyck is considered to be the inventor of oil painting. Learn the basics of his techniques used by painters through time. Stretching canvas, applying gesso and mixing pigments will also be demonstrated.                      Bring brushes and canvas and Call if you have questions.
$75 + $15 Material Fee

August 11, 1- 4pm    The Art of Charcoal Part 2, David Gista
Push the envelope and improve your technique from what you learned in Part 1. Charcoal allows you to draw in a lot of different manners, from abstract to photorealism. This workshop will encourage personal projects using charcoal techniques. Examples of artist working in this medium will be shown.                  Supplies Provided                                 
$75 & $10 Material Fee
Part 1 and part 2: $125.00+ $20 supply fee (if registered at the same time)

August 18, 10 - 3pm Acrylics as Encaustic and other Layering Processes, Sandie Bacon                                       
Simulate the rich, luscious look of wax painting by mixing and applying recipes of faux acrylic beeswax! We will work with varying viscosities of acrylic gels and tint them with different amounts of color to make several types of "wax" recipes. Then students will apply these mixtures to several under-painted surfaces to see how each recipe interacts uniquely over color. Observe the varying degrees of translucency and shimmer of the faux waxes. Carve into them while wet. Embed papers and objects between the layers as well as glass bead gel, and  coarse molding paste as other layering processes.                  Bring 2   9" X 12" canvases or art boards, acrylic brushes and a palette knife.                 
$75 & $10 Material Fee                                                                                                
Workshops fill quickly. Register Early 847-242-0104 Visa/Mastercard accepted.

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