Wednesday, September 12, 2012

2 things: Exhibit Opportunity and Event

1. Exhibit Opportunity 

Wilmette Library adult Art Show that occurs in October. Registration flyers are available at the library front desk, and someone will post the activity on the Friends part of the library website. If not, people can contact Marlene, who has a brochure somewhere with details. 
The good news is entering the art show is free. Just show up with your art at the appointed times, let the jury select you, and find out who wins. In the past, the top 3 winners have received monetary prizes, and the top 10 each received their own show in the library auditorium with a small honorarium to hold your opening. Can't lose, except for dropoff and pickup times, and anyone can enter, even those from outside Wilmette.

2. Fundraising Event

Fundraising event for the Women's Working History Project on October 20 from 5-8. It's only $10 to hear 9 artists, including me (loosely defined for my writing), and receive soft drinks and food for the evening. And artists will represent all arts.

Marlene (Targ Brill)

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