Sunday, June 03, 2007


Just wanted to remind everyone the Cool Globes Project is on display in Chicago.

Attached is Ginny Syke's Globe. Congratulations Ginny and everyone who worked on this piece. Came out beautifully.

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Anonymous said...

Based on your interest in the Cool Globes art project, I thought you might also be interested in the live auction set to take place tomorrow, October 5.

The Cool Globes exhibit will be auctioned to raise funds for the Chicago Conservation Corp Clubs, which provide environmental education opportunities for Chicago's youth.

Attendees include Al Franken, politician and comedian; Wendy Abrams, founder; Bears QB Kyle Orton; Sadhu Johnston, chief environmental officer; and Mayor Richard M. Daley, etc.

Media availility opens at 5:30, the silent auction begins at 6:00 and is followed by the 7:30 auction program at the Auditorium Theater, 50 E. Congress Parkway in Chicago.

It just seemed like something you'd be interested in attending or blogging about. Thanks for your time!