Monday, June 15, 2009

The Spiezer Collection Makes Its Once-a-Decade Appearance

This is the big one, at least for those interested in Chicago art. The Rockford Art Museum's once-a-decade showcase of the magnificent Spiezer Collection brings together the world's largest collection of post-1975 Chicago art. 

The Spiezer Collection features work by every major master of Chicago art created the last 34 years, including Ed Paschke, Hollis Siegler, Roger Brown, Carl Wursum, Gladys Nilson and many more.

The July 17, 2009, opening reception will include a lecture tour by noted art dealer and arts writer Paul Klein, followed by a gala reception at which Mrs. June Spiezer and many of the artists will be in attendance.

The show will run July 18 through September 27 at the Rockford Museum of Art in Rockford, 711 N. Main Street, Rockford, Illinois. For further information, 

or call 815-968-2787.

Speizer Collection Flyer

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