Wednesday, September 21, 2011

More on Avoid These Pay to Play

Artists are getting emails from the Brick Lane Gallery in London. The writer says she "stumbled across" the artist's work on the ". . . . website and was really impressed with your work. "

The advantages are that you get to see your work outside of your studio and having it on your resume will impress your co-workers and relatives who don't know anything about art. The disadvantages include: having it on your resume will negatively impress those who do know something about art -- the real dealers and collectors -- and in fact will often be the kiss of death; it will cost you a lot; and the odds of your selling enough to meet your expenses are terrible (real collectors steer clear of such places although tourists may not know any better).

There are programs which can search the Web to find art-related sites and copy all the email addresses. Brick certainly used one of those (although a human with very low salary requirements could do it by hand) and then sent everyone the same email.

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