Thursday, February 11, 2010

---drawing the line--- Feb 5 - March 6

Juried WCA Exhibition- JWAN The Jewish Women Artists' Network
special Interest group within the National Women's Caucus for Art.
Artists reception Feb. 14 2-4PM
Beverly Arts Center
2407 W. lllth St.
Chicago, IL. 60655
M-F: 9an-9pm,S:
10AM-4PM: S: 12-8pm

Beth Shader
Lorre Slaw
Simone Soltan
Cynthia Soltan
Karen Weyandt
Mariam Yap
Gloria Askin
Marilyn Banner
Catherine Cajandig
Emily Corbato
Anne Doris-eisner
Sally Duback
Harriet Finck
Karaen Frostig
Fay Grajower
Susan Harmon
Wendy Sue Lamm
Rona Lasser
Kathleen Letts
Dale Osterle
Margaret Parker
Roxanne Phillips
Launa Romoff
Patricia Schapper
Debbie Schore

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