Sunday, February 28, 2010

Women’s History Month 2010 — Joanna Gardner-Huggett “Women’s Collective Art Practice in Chicago: 1937-2007”

Chicago Public Library Celebrating Diversity

Thursday, March 18 at 6:00 pm, Video Theater, Harold Washington Library Center, 400 S. State Street, Chicago

Historians frequently assert that women artists fared better in Chicago than New York or Los Angeles. Despite this perceived reality, many women participated in collaborative groups, such as women artists’ art associations and cooperatives in order to create greater visibility for themselves. This presentation will examine this history, as well as the reasons why they chose to forge these alliances in a city well known for its warm reception of female artists.

Joanna Gardner-Huggett is an associate professor of history of art and architecture at DePaul University where she specializes in 20th century art and feminist art and activism.

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